On Monday, June 27, DeNittis Osefchen filed a proposed class action on behalf  of all persons who purchased “Banana Boat Kids SPF 50” in the United States between June 27, 2010 and the present.  “Banana Boat Kids SPF 50” is a sunscreen product marketed by Defendants and sold at retails stores in New Jersey and across the country.  “Banana Boat Kids SPF 50” purports, in both the product name and in several prominent places on the product label, to have an “SPF” of 50, the maximum amount of SPF protection which the law allows a sunscreen product to claim. “SPF,” which stands for “Sun Protection Factor,” is an objectively verifiable and scientifically measurable level of sunburn protection provided by a sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the more UV radiation is filtered out and the more protection is provided. Despite the inclusion of the words “SPF 50” in the name of the product itself, and despite the fact that the uniformly-worded product label states in several places that the product has an “SPF 50,” rigorous scientific testing by Consumer Reports has revealed that “Banana Boat Kids SPF 50” has an actual SPF of only 8; a significantly lower level of sunscreen protection.  Thus, each and every container of “Banana Boat Kids SPF 50” bears a uniformly-worded label which makes the same false, affirmative statements of fact regarding the SPC of this product. Upon information and belief, Defendants have been fully aware that “Banana Boat Kids SPF 50” has an actual SPF of only 8 since its inception.  The lawsuit aims at providing persons who bought the Banana Boat product refunds as well as injunctive relief to stop the alleged misrepresentations on the product label.