On December 20, 2013, New Jersey Superior Court Judge  the Honorable  David W. Morgan, J.S.C. granted final approval of a class action settlement entered into in  Tonzelli v. Amercian Title Abstract Corp., Docket No. GLO-L-1837-12.  The settlement entered into provided approximately 2,800 class members in New Jersey who attended a closing with Amercian Title Abstract Corp. (“American”)between December 14, 2006 and December 20, 2013  the opportunity to file a claim and have their closing documents reviewed to determine if they were overcharged by Amercian. Any person overcharged will receive a 100% refund of the overcharge.  Refunds range anywhere between $10 to $200. Some persons were not overcharged.

For a copy of the Final Order click here: Filed order granting final approval