On September 12, 2013, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Trenton Vicinage, granted final approval to a proposed class action settlement against red light camera vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and 18 New Jersey municipalities. The claims in the case alleged that, prior to August 1, 2012, red light camera tickets issued by ATS-supplied camera systems failed to comply with the New Jersey statute authorizing red light cameras because the municipalities had not filed the proper paperwork with the New Jersey Department of Transportation prior to beginning operation of the systems.

After a three hour hearing on the proposed settlement, United States District Court Judge Peter Sheridan granted final approval to the proposed settlement, finding that is was “fair and reasonable, given the state of the law and facts of the case. The judge noted that there were many serious legal risks to the plaintiffs’ claims if the case went forward in litigation. He found that the settlement was reasonable in light of the high risk that the plaintiffs might lose on their claims, in which case the class members would get nothing.

Speaking as to the settlement approval, class counsel Steven DeNittis, of the law firm of DeNittis Osefchen of Marlton, stated:

“We are pleased that the settlement was granted final approval and now there will be $4.2 million dollars available to be claimed by class members. The deadline for filing claims is October 28, 2013, so there is still plenty of time for class members to get their claims forms in, either by mail or on line. We urge every person who received the class notice to do so.”


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