Today, the owners of a “Fairmont” model town home in the Wilton’s Corners development in Winslow Township filed a proposed class action against builder Ryan Homes in New Jersey Superior Court, Camden County, alleging that all Fairmont homes in the development suffer from a common construction defect and building code violation.  Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that the pipes feeding the bathroom in the “Fairmont” model homes were placed inside the exterior walls, without any insulation  in the wall or around the pipes themselves, a violation of the applicable plumbing code. Numerous homeowners in development have experienced their powder room plumbing pipe freezing and bursting as a result of the lack  of insulation which has caused  considerable water damage to the homes.   The lawsuit seeks an order from the court, directing Ryan Homes to advise homeowners of this code violation and to correct it at no cost to homeowners.  The plaintiffs are represented by the law firm of DeNittis Osefchen P.C., located in Marlton.

Speaking as to this lawsuit, plaintiffs’ attorney Stephen P. DeNittis stated:

“The code violation alleged in this case is particularly troublesome because it involves pipes hidden inside an exterior  wall, so that  the homeowners have no way of knowing about the lack of insulation unless the pipes freeze and burst.  We are asking that Ryan Homes notify class members of this defect immediately  and that Ryan Homes agree to repair this problem for all affected homeowners before winter comes again.”


For a copy of the Complaint (lawsuit) click here: Amended Complaint