Stephen DeNittis, of DeNittis Osefchen was interviewed on 1/24/13  by Good Morning America about the Subway class action.


On January 22, 2013 two New Jersey men  filed a proposed class action complaint in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington County, against Subway Sandwich Shops, alleging that Subway’s “Footlong” sandwich is consistently and significantly less than 12 inches long. The suit brings claims under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and alleges that it is a deceptive practice for Subway to advertise its large sandwich as a “Footlong” when it is not actually a foot long. The plaintiffs are represented by the law firm of DeNittis Osefchen, of Marlton, New Jersey, a firm noted for class actions, including the proposed class actions recently involving New Jersey red light cameras as well as the numerous well publicized cases involving the Title Insurance industry.  The suit filed against Subway seeks relief on behalf of all persons who purchased “Footlong”  sandwiches from a Subway’s in New Jersey since 2007.  Referring to the suit, Plaintiffs’ Attorney Stephen DeNittis stated:  “Subway is profiting hundred of thousands and potentially millions of dollars at consumers’ expense through mass uniform widespread misrepresentations about the size of its ‘Footlong.’  It is important that large companies like Subway promote and advertise their products accurately and deliver what they promise to consumers.”