Today Philadelphia’s Fox News Good Day show interviewed Stephen DeNittis from DeNittis Osefchen regarding the Mayweather Pacquiao consumer fraud c lass actions lawsuits recently filed by his firm. The interview stemmed from  the three class actions lawsuits filed by the firm on behalf of consumers nationwide in Federal Courts in Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania alleging that Top Rank, Inc., Mayweather Promotions, Robert Arum, Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. were aware and failed to disclosure that Manny Pacquiao had suffered a severe rotator cuff injury in early April well before what was advertised as the Greatest Fight of the Century, effectively making him, as Manny described himself, “a one arm boxer.” The suit cites Manny Pacquiao’s sworn affidavit to the Nevada Boxing Commission a day before the fight wherein Pacquiao affirmed he had no injuries including his right arm and shoulder. However, it appears that statement was not true. The Nevada Boxing Commission is now also conducting its own investigation as well. The suits allege that the Defendants intentionally did not disclose Manny Pacquiao’s injury to the public before the fight for the simple reason that all of the Defendants wanted to maximize hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from the Match. The lawsuits seek class action status for purchasers nationwide and ask the court to order Defendants to provide refunds of the $99.99 purchase price to all of those purchasers.