On Thursday January 11, 2018, Judge Simandle of the Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey granted final approval of the proposed settlement in the Penny Arcade Coin Counter class action pending in Federal Court. The settlement consists of TD creating a $7,500,000 fund to make payments to class members and up to $100,000 in litigation costs. Payments to identifiable class members who have not timely excluded themselves from the settlement will be calculated by applying a multiplier of 0.26% (based on extensive third-party testing of machine accuracy) to Penny Arcade transactions during the Class Period, after which any additional amount in the fund will be added pro rata to each class member’s payment. This means payments to class members will likely be at least 26¢ per $100 exchanged using Penny Arcade during the Class Period. Any amount remaining after all payments will be donated to one or more a court-approved non-profit organizations. TD will also pay attorneys’ fees of up to $1,935,000 and service payments of up to $65,000 to the named plaintiffs.