After almost four years of vigorous litigation DeNittis Osefchen has obtained a settlement on behalf 43 Westwind model homeowners who reside in the Weathervane Farms community located in Mt. Royal, New Jersey. The settlement provides each homeowner with approximately $15,900 to repair water damage and defects existing in the homes.  Homeowners claimed the builder and subcontractors were negligent in constructing their homes with common design defects such as misapplied stucco in violation of various building codes, lack of flashing, inadequate moisture barriers, and undersized gutters.  The lawsuit claimed these construction defects caused considerable water infiltration and damage into the homes requiring mold remediation, drywall replacement and flooring repairs.

DeNittis Osefchen has successfully litigated numerous class actions and mass actions against Orleans Homebuilders, J.S. Hovnanian & Sons, and PSE&G for construction defects in over 10,000 consumers’ homes through out New Jersey.  As result of DeNittis Osefchen  efforts, thousands of consumers through out the State have had their homes fixed or obtained money to fix their homes when the companies who caused such defects refused to take responsibility prior to DeNittis Osefchen’s involvement.