On November 9, 2021 the Superior Court of New Jersey preliminarily approved a proposed class action settlement involving Infinity Diagnostics Laboratory. The proposed settlement would resolve a lawsuit filed by Plaintiffs on behalf of all New Jersey citizens who purchased a finger-stick antibody blood test for COVID-19 that was administered and sold in New Jersey by Infinity or its employees between March 1, 2020 and the present. The lawsuit alleges that Infinity fraudulently sold and administered these finger-stick antibody blood tests as “rapid blood tests” capable of diagnosing active cases of COVID-19, despite the fact that the tests did not and could not diagnose COVID-19. The lawsuit seeks to obtain refunds for class members who paid money for such tests. Infinity denies the claims and allegations asserted by Plaintiffs, denies any wrongdoing or liability to Plaintiffs and the class, and maintains that it has fully complied with New Jersey law in all its dealings with Plaintiffs and the class. The parties nevertheless have agreed to settle the lawsuit on a class-wide basis, and the proposed class settlement has now been preliminarily approved by the Court.  You might be a member of the Settlement Class if you received and paid for a finger-stick antibody blood test for COVID-19 from Infinity or its employees in New Jersey between March 1, 2020 and the present.  

The Settlement provides that eligible Settlement Class Members may receive a benefit in the form of a cash award, as follows: (i)  a check for $75 to Claimants who submit documentary proof (such as a payment receipt, a test result, or other record) that they received a COVID-19 finger-stick antibody blood test from Infinity; or (ii) a check for up to $37.50 to Claimants who do not submit documentary proof of testing, but who certify that they received a COVID-19 finger-stick antibody blood test from Infinity; that amount may be reduced on a pro rata basis depending on the number of Claimants. To receive a benefit under the Settlement, you must timely complete and submit a Claim Form and submit it to the claims administrator by either fax or email no later than <February 12, 2022>, or by mail postmarked no later than <February 12, 2022>. You may obtain complete information about the Settlement (including the full Class Notice and Claim Form) and deadlines by visiting Class Counsel’s website at www.denittislaw.com, telephoning 856-797-9951, or writing the Infinity Class Settlement Administrator at 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

On December 9, 2021 notices and claims forms will be forwarded to the class. Claims forms are also available by contacting the administrator Angeion 1-844-844-2992 info@infinitydiagnosticssettlement.com or contacting our office at 856-797-9951. a claim can also be made directly at www. infinitydiagnosticssettlement.com .