DeNittis Osefchen (formerly Shabel & DeNittis) filed a proposed class action today on behalf of two Camden County residents in New Jersey Superior Court, Camden County,  against the owner of Locustwood Memorial Park, alleging that Locustwood is liable to replace hundreds of decorative bronze urns that were stolen from the cemetery by a Locustwood employee.  According to the complaint, Locustwood employee Matthew McGrenehan stole hundreds of urns from the cemetery during working hours over a year and a half, hauling them to a local salvage yard in a Locustwood truck and selling them for scrap. McGrenehan was arrested in January and has confessed to the thefts. The complaint is brought by the heirs of several persons whose graves were looted . The complaint alleges that Locustwood ignored evidence that these thefts were an inside job and that Locustwood failed to take reasonable steps to supervise its employee and to protect property left in the cemetery’s care. According to the complaint, Locustwood had ignored complaints from bereaved family members, telling those who complained not to bother Locustwood staff.  The suit seeks an order requiring Locustwood to replace the urns and repair holes left in graves as a result of the thefts.