Class Actions and Mass Torts

Attorneys at our firm have successfully litigated over 100 class actions. We have concentrated our class action practice on the following types of cases:
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[blockquote cite=”Stephen DeNittis, Partner”]We’ve earned our reputation by taking on big companies that put profit ahead of the consumer’s health and well-being.[/blockquote]

Cases we have litigated or have been involved:

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        • Failure to pay overtime by several major U.S. Banks
        • Illegal deductions from pay by several major U.S. Banks
        • Failure by large companies to pay minimum wage
        • Large public companies misclassifying workers as exempt from overtime pay
        • Stucco defects and mass design defects against several national builders
        • Iron ore pollution cases
        • Defective Windows
        • Nursing Home overcharge
        • Realtor’s Charging illegal junk fees, administrative fees and broker fees
        • Title Companies charging illegal recording fees
        • Water contamination cases
        • Waste dump pollution cases
        • Fraudulent coin sales
        • Fat-loss fraud product
        • Fraudulent Herbal supplements
        • Fraudulent IRS tax lien compromising
        • Travel scams
        • Breach of form Franchise agreement
        • False Advertising
        • False Food Product labeling
        • Deceptive Retail Pricing and Deceptive False Sales
        • Overcharging of Services by Beauty School Schools
        • Overcharging consumers by Medical Record providers
        • Telephone Consumer Protection Act Claims

To see some of our notable Class Action cases see our Verdicts and Settlements page.

We believe that anytime a business pursues their interests and profit motive at the expense of yours, a legal response and remedy are demanded—even if only a small amount of money is involved. We do not shy away from just causes and we are not afraid to pursue these cases into the courtroom.

If you feel that you (or others) have been the victim of a wrongful act that may be appropriate as a class action contact an accomplished class action attorney at the Marlton, New Jersey law firm of DeNittis Osefchen Prince, P.C. today.