Overtime and Compensation Class Actions

Other than a person’s health and family the most important thing in their life is their job. Over the years, many laws have been passed to protect workers to ensure they earn a fair minimum wage and collect overtime pay when appropriate. Our laws also protect workers and prevent employers from taking illegal deductions from a worker’s pay.

Unfortunately, many companies and employers violate various State and Federal labor and employment laws that are meant to protect their employees. DeNittis Osefchen is a leader in the field of class action litigation on behalf of employees who have not been paid overtime or other compensation they are entitled to receive, or have had improper deductions taken from their compensation. These claims involve violations of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and various State labor laws for failure to pay overtime and other wages, improper deductions from compensation for various company expenses, misclassification of employees to avoid paying overtime pay, failure to pay travel and mileage expenses, and failure to pay minimum wages.

DeNittis Osefchen Prince has recovered over $50 million for over 25,000 workers whose rights were violated by their employers.

We have litigated claims against several major U.S. Banks, publicly traded companies, and nationally privately held companies for such violations in New Jersey , Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, New York and throughout the country.
If you believe you are not being paid fairly or appropriately, misclassified or not being paid overtime or minimum wages or having what you believe to be illegal deductions from pay, contact us for a free consultation.